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The delicate realm of being, wrapped in ones skin.
Your careful to caress the emotions of others.
To coax comfort.
To sway being across the mind.
The pleasant hello.
Swell the ego with love and comfort and let them walk free.
Have a nice day.


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Tomas is not a writer but being strong willed I know what I lived in the 1960ís, I had to place my being online to add redundancy to the posts already there about the 1960ís. I do not add correct spelling or proper writing skills to these pages just emotions from the heart and this prayer to my mother.

I wrote this piece below the other day to try explaining to everyone 
that we are here no matter what happens to the earth. 
I realize that the earth could explode and dust/and or vapor would be all that is left. 
Some particle of life will be there. Some substance of our presence will be there. 
Saying that I thought about my mother and her presence on earth. 
Her physical presence has not been found or 
I am not aware of whoever knows of her presence on this planet but I realize this. 
She is here. 
She loved, lived and became a mother of three children that I am aware of. 
She was a sister in a family who say that are not aware of her present existence today. 
All that is left to me is speculation about her whereabouts. 
So I now I know that in a photo taken from space of this planet 
that my motherís dust or presence will be there. 
Her marble marker in life is here in these words and every photo of earth. 

Her life is in my substance and in my families. 

Life should have been better for her. 







Sometimes you have to tell them to go to hell.

My Daughter Allison

 Morningstar and the Flower Children
We left our flowers and ego's at the door

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Quote from Laurel Rose, " This headstone, and the gravesite, probably doesnít exist anymore. Any historical or written record of this man, our ancestor, probably doesnít exist anymore. He died of natural causes in 1908, but inevitably was a victim of the Holocaust."

Revisiting Kremenchuk:
Lest We Forget Who Came Before Us
by Laurel Rose



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