The New Revolution

They are going to make a game that teaches you to kill,
They are going to manufacture a automatic weapon and
 give it to you and then they will send you to no mans lands
 far away and let you shoot whatever you want.
And then they will profit by the revenues of the weapons sold and
 then I will wonder what happened?

The Times They a Changing 
by Bob Dylan



I am constantly looking for a rush of words that will bring my emotions to a heightened state of euphoria. So I read a book, go out and view the early morning, scan the Internet. I am chasing a dream. I am constantly finding that peace, that state of being, that euphoria.
Every morning I awake, every morning I search. Sometimes there is a moment where I just see like a child lost in a dream, Tomas did you hear me? The teacher comes by and says, Tomas did you hear the question? Someone please tap my shoulder. Awaken me from this moment of peace. Nothing would be done if we all found that moment of peace. No wars could be fought if we all found that moment of peace. Some of us can carry that moment thought-out the day. An aura of bliss carried on our shoulders like a comforting knapsack.
We can dig the weeds, assemble the work, draw the painting, and write the word. All we need is the awakening moment, the reminder, the warm chill that emanates deep in our
being to come forward like the blood that flows to our brain. We are constantly showing others our moment hoping that they will see it. Share it be part of it. It is a good vibration; a warm movement of blood; a good state of mind; it is peace.




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