Jude & Bill
Marriage in 1996
I had always wanted to read the Bible and did that winter. I was convicted of God's truth. My search for God was over. I gave my live to Him and became a gung-ho Christian. I eventually left the mountains to serve Him and go to church and grow more. I married a look-alike Christian woman and settled into the straight life. After 15 years (7 really bad ones) I had to admit defeat and concede the concept of divorce existed. Disillusioned with Amerikan materialistic women, I saw men happily married to Philippine women and loving it. They usually have a more simple, people oriented goal of life and love the Lord fervently.

I remarried upon finding a beautiful Filipina lady and after 1 1/2 years of writing her as a pen pal. I had become an RN to serve God better by serving people during the early 1990's and found it easy to work anywhere. We moved from Quincy Washington (flat desert land, no trees) to Valley Washington  in 2001 and started work in a Spokane Hospital. We live here happily now. We have been married over 5 years, my wife is a US citizen now and we go back to the Philippines regularly. We also have run a free pen pal address site since 1998 to help others find happy marriages.

My 40 acres was eventually given to God literally and sold for the Lord's work spreading the gospel. I now have 5.3 acres of thickly forested land in the country but near a road so getting to work in the winter is possible. About 70% of Washington is public lands so to me that means I am at home everywhere almost since that is open land more or less. One cannot build a house on it but one can camp in a tent or RV most places and live on the land that way legally.

My wife and I attend both Mass and an interdenominational church I go to each week and never argue religion. We just love the Lord and each other. Over the years, God has really blessed us and we love him with all our hearts. May God bless you too with His truth as you seek Him diligently with all your heart. He has promised He will be found by you if you do.

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Buffalo Bill  and Jude
(online known as Rune and Jade)

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Buffalo Bill  and Jude