Buffalo Bill in Malibu in 1974

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For 8 years I hitched the entire continent almost, picked fruit for a living occasionally and lived in the mountains about 300+ days a year. I also visited the Taos Commune and one in Grant's Pass Oregon. Nothing was like Wheelers though. I always thought of Wheelers as my home and the base for my travels.

In 1975, on Shasta, I decided to seek God more and also to buy land in Washington state, which was cheap at $150/acre then. I worked in Malibu in construction then picked apples again and bought 40 acres in Aeneas Valley Washington to live on and gave it to God spiritually. Broke after paying $5,000 cash I lived in a root cellar till January of 1976 when I went to work in apple orchards pruning again for a stash. I later built a 2 story tree house in 1976 to live in perched on a cliff with a glorious view. I also opened it to select friends to build and live on and some did.
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Buffalo Bill  and Jude
(online known as Rune and Jade)

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Buffalo Bill  and Jude