Buffalo Bill in Malibu in 1974

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Upon realizing the dead end of the straight life in 1969, I left for San Francisco and enlightenment in my search for God. Once there I saw the now-declining Haight-Ashbury and was somewhat disillusioned. I lived on the streets of SF and Berkley many months and heard of the back to the land movement. Getting together camping gear, after a period of owning NOTHING at all, I lived in a "family" in Big Sur caves a bit. I then went to Wheelers in late 1969 or early 1970. After much acid and other things I saw one cannot find God in drugs. I did meet many wonderful people there, including OB, whom I learned a lot from. I read the Tolkien Trilogy that winter and was inspired to take a long trip myself. After Sonoma county officials came by one day, nailed a number on my cabin to photograph and informed me it would be bulldozed, I saw the days here were numbered.

That summers' adventure would be to hitch south then east then north along the US perimeters then across Canada then up to Alaska. I did that partially, running low on time about Texas way, so went north to Niagera Falls then on to Alaska. A wonderful journey. There I heard of apple picking in Washington, went there and picked for a winter stash of a couple of thousand to live in the mountains on. I returned to Wheelers for a bit in 1970 and 1971 but my dog was not welcome so I could not stay long.

I heard of the Seventh Sacred Mountain of the world, Mt. Shasta and went there where I lived for 2 summers in 1974 and 1975 at Wagon Camp, Panther Meadows and Squaw Valley with many beautiful brothers and sisters, including OB again.

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Buffalo Bill  and Jude
(online known as Rune and Jade)

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Buffalo Bill  and Jude