Hi Phil. Thanks for the pics.
Thought I'd send you a couple.
The first was taken in front of Tracy's Donuts in 67.
That's me in the leather jacket.
The second was taken last year at The Oregon Country Fair where I
drive a semi-tanker truck bringing water in from Eugene,Not bad for 53!!
When in Oct is the gathering at the Ranch??  I'd sure like to be there!!
Drove past the property in 92 while on a visit to SF but was unsure if anyone cool would be there so just drove on.

Hi Phil. Yes I definatly remember you.
Doubt if you remember me unless you remember the white 65 Chevy Nova givin to me by a guy from Chicago
who came up to the ranch in 68.
I remember Spade Mama, Superman, Wild Bill, Ramon and the 800 year old electric orange, Professer.
It was snowing up there and all I had to wear was a tshirt and jeans.
I remember the guy with the vw van and monkey  cant recall his name
Kicking myself for that now!!