I find comfort in the world of VM*.
VM* radiates memories and truth mixed with emotions, fiction and fantasy.
Colorful ribbons stream from the center of my mind. Like drops of water in a colored fountain they shoot up toward the sky and fall back into the shimmering pool.
From the darkness to the first light and then back to the darkness, our mind is in constant motion. Creating the objects of our affection. Working the patterns of thought into memory. Eventully being paid for our patterns of thought.


The Concert
  VM*The dark grey, the golden brown, gave way to bright green grasses of spring. The blossoms of pink and lavender laced the small trees. The fever to get out of the office and into the soil was in everyone's mind. This was the scene when Lou bowed before his concert, the date of 2000 will forever be etched in my memory. Morningstar had never seen such splendor of spring color. The concert could not have happened on such a nicer day. We sat and waited, the orchestra tuned their instruments. Lou entered the stage, bowed and sat at the piano. The blue sky was his backdrop. Ramon stood tall and raised his baton. He dropped his baton to the splendor of George Gershwin's
" Rhapsody in Blue". Lou was lost in the music, his fingers were one with the piano. We all stood, sat and listened to the harmory of earth and sound. The music came out of our mouths, we were quiet and emotional. We were taken for a ride of rhythm and harmony. We sat and listened.....We were happy..... We sat and listened..... We were one.... We listened to............  George Gershwins "Raphsody in Blue".
After intermission the orchestra tuned again. Lou sat at the piano. Ramon came out with applause. The Angel of Morningstar came out, more applause, with her violin. She sat at the first chair. Ramon raised the baton and down it came. This was the first concert of "Layla" by Eric Clapton. The violins enchanted us with their pounding rythm's, we were carried off with a well known melody. Sounds poked the sky with intensity, again we were carried off with a well know melody, that was lost in turbulance. And then the peace entered the world around us. We were happy..... We sat and listened..... We were one with the time at hand. VM*

 Cycle to Work
VM* They had come to work the soil, they had answered the add that said.
 "Young people needed to labor for the love of the earth, eat what you sow. Learn about your life while working in the Garden. A great opportunity for the self awareness of your being. A learning skill about labor and life. What you need for peace on this planet." So they had come to till the earth, to work for the goodness of mankind. To reap what you sow, back to the land, to cleanse the soul with labor and love. Their hoes dug into the clean organic earth, cleanliness dripped from their bodies. They had never felt this good in their entire life. They were pounding the earth with their hoes.
"Do wa ditti, ditti dom, ditti dom", echoed off the sides of the canyon. There was no money involved,  the add had said, "labor for the love of the earth, eat what you sow." That they did, a bowl of rice and some vegetables, some soy sauce. Wheat or oats in the morning, honey to sweeten the day/mind. They were learning a lesson, the lesson of human health, organic farming and the labor of love. Before winter they would head back to the city, cleansed of the inorganic thoughts of the city, free to labor for love, not money.VM*

Allusions/illusions of Grandeur
Who decides what is right, history? The Laws? What are allusions/illusions of Grandeur? What is canon? Who rewrites the books? Who sits at the great oak table and decides our fate?
Well cowboys, it might as well be us. Is this blasphemy? What is blasphemy?

 An assumption

Jan walked across the Elegant Golden Hall to the window, she stepped out onto the Cream Marble Balcony and looked out over  her Realm of God. The wet green trees were a sight to see, the sun shimmering off the green leaves and brown branches. She adjusted her lavender silk robe, it lightly moved in the breeze. She enjoyed the scene before her, pulling the spring smells into her breadth. A sigh is whispered into the air.

Jon walked across the hand cleaned earth floor, taking each step as it was his last. Arriving at the worn wooden window he look out over his realm of god. The wet green trees were a sight to see, the sun shimmering off the green leaves and brown branches. He adjusted his neat tattered robe, his hand sliding across the brown prayer beads. He enjoyed the scene before him, pulling the spring smells into his breadth. A AUM is whispered into the air.

These beings are moving in the world around/before them. Who is to assume who will rise to the hill or step toward the valley.

A Picnic at Wheelers
VM* Golden movement, up and around.
Silk to the eye, delicate to the touch, a warm aroma.
A sense of well being.
Absorbing light through the eyes of thought.
We sit and stand assembled on the hill, the wind blows mildly through the proud tan lace.
The Golden Poppies reflect the sun, they wave to the breeze.
We watch across the canyon, we see the movement of deer in the green grass.
We gather friendship together, a family standing, sitting in the summer breeze.
No one breaks the spell, space is what was needed.
The children pull on homemade kites, the colors of rainbows sweep across our sky.
Someone is painting a picture in the far distance.
Swirls of pleasure radiate from our being.VM*

VM*Well after fifty years of hearing David Talk about VM*.  Laurel and I decided to drive west and see for ourselves. We flew our Mustang into Bay Airfloat. Rented a couple of HealthBikes and off we went. What Ramon had said was true the VM* signs on the freeway were clear and concise. The arrows pointed in the direction we wanted to go. They led us to the Golden Arcs just across from VM*. We had worked up a good appetite, we were hungry, so we stopped at the Golden Arcs for some water and some miso rice. After Lunch we moved across the highway. We parked our HealthBikes at the parking lot and walked across the lot (G22) (I always forget where we park?) to the main gates at VM*. The long lines were annoying, but patience is a virtue. As we entered, we paid and we were garland with flowers, beads and sandals. After paying again we walked up the winding road to Lou's Cabin, I heard music coming from the cabin. We looked in one of the portals/windows and saw Lou Playing his BabyBlackGrandPiano, people were pushing against us wanting to look also, the sounds were delicate and grand, spaced and timed. We were pushed and moved along, we were moved in the direction toward the barn, I saw smoke coming out of The Teepee. It was all lit up it was to our right. I told Laurel that I wanted to go in, we paid again and entered.
"Take a Toke of Chongs Last Lassie Smoke"
"Man this is Good Shit"
was written above this huge foot long joint. We did..... We were sitting on the grass looking at The Teepee EXIT sign. Laurel said something about the movement in the sleeping bag. We stood and walked toward the barn, we looked in, paintings were hung everywhere, paisley garlands were hung in exotic splendor. Warm smells echoed off our senses. Were we moving to fast?  Warm smells echoed off our senses. Were we moving to fast? Things were repeating themselves. I shook my head  in disbelief as we walked the path into the redwoods toward the lower house we passed an image of Ramon, deep in mediation, far off in the rusty redwoods. He was standing or sitting depending on your memory, suspended a foot above the ground, spinning slowly, in trance, looking toward the sun with a misty rainbow in view. We followed the path to the lower house, Laurel said the lower house was nicknamed "BUZZ". We paid at the door and walked in. We saw the Wall of Embers, it moved as mysteriously as a fire. You could stand and watch forever. We entered the dinning room, which was called The Circle of Friends, these were the earliest group of people that had dined there. They had a meeting of minds and friendship and they had gathered around the dinner table. This was created for our senses to see. I could not recognize very many there. The image of Lou was to my right and the image of Ramon was to my left. The room was lit by candle light, the Wall of Embers and moonlight. There was a set of footprints between Lou and Ramon, as was a space between them, the idea was for you to stand and complete the circle with your hands and body. Laurel said "Go ahead, you'll get a buzz!" "Yeah right" I said. I stepped to the worn metal footprints, reached out and grabbed Ramon's hand and then I grabbed Lou's. An emotion I had long forgotten entered my inner being. The sharing of wealth and soul poured from my heart. A smile blossomed as the light entered my deep well of being.....  Laurel said ,"Are you O.K.?", as an attendant helped me to the door. I said quietly to myself. "Far out!"
Laurel said she wanted to go up to the upper house and see "The Brownee Factory" and later "The Bag of Blue Cheer". We stopped an bought two T-shirts. Laurel's shirt had a picture of Ramon looking at the sun/rainbow and mine had a picture of Lou playing the grand piano. She also got a patch skirt for Allison. We also bought a C.D. disk scrapbook of VM*
You may be able at some future time get the Morningstar Scrapbook CD at the The Morningstar Homepage.


VM*We were in Frankfort, Ky. high up on the hill overlooking the bend in
the Kentucky river. The river was high, chocolate and swift. We sat on
the ground. Viewing the scene, we sat in peace, inhaling the moment.
Watching the turbulence far below. I sat with Dan'l and Laurel. Laurel
was holding an old green bottle that she had found. I told Dan'l that
  Laurel and I would be driving back to Marion come sundown. He asked
how far Marion was? I said a hundred miles. He looked at us puzzled. I
said that times had changed the way we traveled. Our walking days had
   passed. He looked out over the river while working a knife into a
  piece of wood, whittling. He stared passed us, out over the raging
    river, solemn and quiet. A hundred miles, he says to himself? I
pointed down to the 1967 Mustang down at the road. Let's look see he
says. He stands tall in his buckskins. We stride down to the Mustang
  swiftly. He walks around it, his mind racing, his eyes marveling at
    the machine before him. You see his intelligence absorbing the
carriage before him. I could see that a bear would think twice before
challenging such a man. Such power, intelligence and grace. We said we
had to go, we thanked him for his time, we would meet again sometime.
Driving back, Laurel asked if I enjoyed the day, I said yes. Next week
                   Laurel wants to go visit Ol' Abe.VM*

VM*She was a jewel.
Different facets, different gems.
The clear facet, the sparkling light. Many points of view, many angles of light.
She says, "I choose the man for me, I use the man and leave'm."
The tables are turned and light reflects on another misty facet, glowing, a sweet red facet.
She says ," Let's celebrate the year, let's be pomp for the day."
A creamy mist, she fades in, she fades out, I saw her playing a violin and she was gone.
A yellow diamond beauty walks by and is gone.
Another facet spins and dances on silver points of glass.
She says, "Screw the make-up and the razor, let the hair run wild."
The cards are laid out.
"What's your sign?", "Crap! Were opposite! "
"You can be my companion, my husband does not mind."
Summer light, summer beauty. A golden mirror, a brilliant mind.
Can someone help out here!
Let's score.VM*

VM* Ah ah Ah ah
I heard a violin. Ah ah Ah ah  Each Ah is beautiful humm, a full stroke up and a full stroke down.
 It was sweeping up and down, giving us a four beat rhythm. One two three four. It was a violin giving the world a heart beat. Ah ah Ah ah   I was tapping my foot to the rhythm of one violin. It was a life beating. A rhythm that I wanted to sway to. Off in the distance a black wooden flute would trill in time. I wanted to move, may I rub this stick over this goard/guiro in rhythm? Someone was tapping/plucking the strings of another violin. Someone was sanding two blocks of wood in rhythm. A lovely lady in white chiffon was swaying. She put her hands on her hips and swayed to the pulsing violin. She moved with a Latin fragrance. One two three four. A melody was coming from the mixture. The combination of communal rhythms of mixed emotions. Sound. Swaying in circles of joy the violin and women gave us the sound of the soul. A drum sounded a different rhythm as the first violin played  Ah ah Ah ah  Our songs hearbeat. A melody was coming to the surface. Rhythms were coming to the surface, melodies were swaying in time. We played forever, her violins heart gave us life. The children danced and sang a melody with no words. Someone wanted to play a guitar.
I always though that a drum was supposed to give us a beat. Boy was I wrong. This violin was the heart and soul of this sound. A cow bell, wood blocks, a conga line and congas, a guiro, a timbales, another violin beating faster.Yelling. Our flute is dancing. I never want the rhythm to stop. Our lovely lady is in heaven.VM*


 VM*Lou is playing in the background. Clair de Lune by Debussy has us mesmerized.
We are sitting by the garden, I am watching a acorn squash vine snake amongst the other acorn squash vines. I am sitting with Gandhi, he is sitting silently, weaving. I had been holding a candle, it now lays on the ground. Funny, I was watching the hairy green/white vine weave, while he weaved clothe. Ramon came up the garden path. He sat quietly, moved his body into position and looked out into the garden. The sun was warm on our bodies. Ambo was standing on his head. Lou is playing in the background. Clair de Lune by Debussy has us mesmerized.
We look up, the sun says it is time. The sun is high, noon. We stand together. We walk across the open space to the doors. I open the door and walk in. Laurel says, "Been out with the boys?" I smile and nod. I go into the bedroom and change my clothes. I walk over to Laurel and give her a peck on the cheek. I know what Gandhi has to do today, he has a meeting with the congress. He has to run a country. As for me I open the door and step out on the river lock wall.VM*


VM*We are invited to dinner. We walk out of the gate and head to a neighbors home.
We walk into the ranch style home adjacent to Morningstar. The kitchen is wonderful, there is a flower mill on the counter. The cupboards are beautiful. We are led into a room where a low dark oriental table is centered in a art studio. I love art I nose around without touching, I think to my self this guy is a good artist. We are seated at the low table. Wine is served, an apple and orange are placed on the table. We feast on tea, apples and oranges. A little smoke and we talk of art. We say goodnight. And that's it. Good time and good vibes.VM*

Why is a Rose Red

VM* I was standing by the garden at VM*. I was asking people as they walked by, "What color is that flower? I would point to the flower ---->.   I stood patiently by the flower for twelve days. Sometimes I would do a little smoke and contemplate the flower with a friend. I asked each person that walked by to tell me what color they saw. Hundreds of people walked by that flower, you get one hundred different answers to its color.  Every day it was the same, nothing that I could speak of. Everyone looking at that flower was seeing a color that their eyes alone saw. Then one day after a rain storm there was a rainbow in the sky. I was looking at the rainbow ....    ..........................................................................................................................."Tomas?"
Excuse me I was lost for moment, rainbows are nice. I realized that the color of the flower was in the rainbow. I had an idea. I realized that the color of the flower was in the rainbow. The next person that walked by I asked, "Do you see the flower there ---->? "Far ..out!" and they walked off. The next young lady that walked by, a light blonde with a light/heavenly complexion in her chiffon, there was an aura about her and her violin. I asked the same question and quickly pointed at the rainbow ----> "Nice, far..out!" Before she could walk away I said do you see the same color as the flower in that rainbow?----> "Yes?" Where on the rainbow is the color? Dam she pointed to the same place on the rainbow that I saw. "Far ..out!" I said. Each person that I talked to pointed to the same place on the rainbow when describing the flower and its color. Even the girls in the well pointed at the rainbow. This took a little time, a we bit longer than I thought. Rainbows after a thundershower are hard to find. I soon realized that the color of the flower was in the rainbow. Well now I knew that we all saw the same color, even though it might be different in everyone's mind.
My next step was to name the color. So I stood by the garden at VM*. I was asking people as they walked by, "What is the name of the color on that flower? I would point to the flower ---->.  Each person that I talked to would write something in the soft dust. As it turned out what the people wrote was "dree, redr, derr, rddre and one hundred variations of the same letters, etc. Well I soon realized that my answer was in a combination of those three letters. D. R. E. I asked everyone to describe the color of the flower using only those three letter. Well you know now that R.E.D. turned out to be the best liked by seventy eight people.VM*


Why be organic