They had heard the singing, they had flown up from South America.
Their wings of tan, yellow, black, red and blue.
They had heard that Lou and Ramon had set the land free.
Free from of the restraints of man. Upon arrival they had set up a shrine to the Father of the Wings.
We on the ground had heard their singing and assumed that they were the flying creations of nature.
We had no understanding of the depth of their being in the air.
We had no clue about their shrine to the Father of the Wings.
How could we have known.
We were so preoccupied with our own being that we had forgotten the nature of their being.
The good thing about this is that the humans were removed by law,
but the law had no clue about the shrine to the Father of the Wings.
If you look to the sky you may see it in all it's glory.
Open Commune by Tomas