During this time frame Laurel and I were traveling back and forth from Chicago Il. to Lexington KY.
The picture is of Brian, Sharon and I standing in front of Jimmy Hatchers pickup. Jimmy was a Lexington City Policeman and Sandy was a housewife.
I think this was taken at Davidson Court.
This photo was taken about the time I took my physical as to complete my application for a government job at the lock and dams on the Ohio River. When I took my physical the doctor took my pulse and it was 40 beats per minute at rest; he had me do sits and jog for a few minutes; took my pulse then let me rest for a minute then he took my pulse again and again it was just 40 beats per minute. I was cool and calm just a few months off the commune.

Suzanne, Dennis, Sharon, Brian (taking another photo) and Laurel.
The photo was taken the same day as the photo above.

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