Top Row: Livia (Cousin Tirre's Daughter), Tirre, Lee (Cousin April's Son), Carla (Aunt Ray's Daughter),
Arlene (Aunt Angie's Daughter), Mandy (Cousin Carla'a Daughter) Ron (Aunt Virginia's Son)

Third Row: Marti (Alex & Aunt Marta's Daughter), Jacque (Aunt Kay's Daughter), Gilbert (Aunt Angie'sSon)

Second Row: Alex (Marta's Husband), Aunt Marta, Aunt Kay, Aunt Virginia and Garrett (Marti's Son)
Bottom Row: Lisa (Cousin April's Daughter, Renee (Lee's Daughter), Timori (Lisa's Daughter), Julia(Lee's Daughter)

Missing from the photo were Cousin Dee, Annette & Terry, Dee Dee's two children Jeffrey & Josie, Jacque's son Ryan and Tirre's other daughters, Lana Rose and Shelly, Cousin's Sandy and Dennis ( Rebecca's Children) are in Kentucky

An email to Virginia
Virginia here is a wonderful story about Halloween. I do not know how old I was but I had to be about four. I had this beautiful long Buster Brown haircut which was quite popular during this time period. I was living with grandma on 40 Bellefontaine St. in Pasadena,California. Rudy, Sam, Marta, Raye and Esther were all living at home. The girls (my aunts) decided for Halloween to dress me up as a girl as a Halloween treat. So they dress me up and put makeup on my face and the cutest ruffled dress with patent leather black shoes with white sox. I looked like Shirley Temple. We went from door to door trick or treating with Marta saying to the home owners that I was to shy to dress up for Halloween. I thought that was the greatest trick. We fooled everyone and we laughed and laughed.

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