These two photos were taken the same year because I was wearing my coveralls that I had got from Sears.
The photo at left at Lock & Dam 50 on the Ohio River was taken by Tommy Carter and the photo at right was taken by Laurel Rose Diaz at our home in Marion.


The Wickets were raised by hand and with the help old fashioned steam engine crane. Hopper (setting prop with the 20' steel rod ) and his crew
( left to right) Tom Diaz (kneeling), Eddie Nunn, (unknown lockman behind Eddie) and Lawson Hammond (far right).
The only thing holding that diving board in place is the weight of the people standing on the board. To hook the prop James Hopper had to go out on the end of the board.
Sometimes the props won't set in the notch.
More photos and information about wickets can be found at my Wicket Web Site.

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