Words & Graphics by Tomas

A list of people,  ideas, and related subjects.
Love, Sex, Badaba, 1967, Flower Power, Haight, Writers, Stories, Fiction, Autobiography, Religion, Far Out, Drugs, Space, thought, thinking, wow, rainbow, trees, mystery, lost, entertainment, commune, lifestyles, art, funny.
Laurel is a excellent proofreader, typist, writer, can do person, verbal skills, one on one can do.
Sylvia William's, Huw William's, Sennet William's, Ramon Sender, Joan Sutton, Doris Clark, Jade, Kyle Banks, Kathy Sweeney, Ambo Legfish, Robbie Cusimano, Larry Read, Pam Read (Hanna), John, Superman, Coyote, Vivian, Friar Tuck. Hippies, Diggers, Morningstar Ranch, Tolstoy Farm, Communes, Lou Gottlieb.