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Ohio river three day forecasts and river concerns links:

Marion Ky. Business Directory

Wicket Locks and Dams

Crittenden Co. Coalition for a Drug-Free Community

NARFE Kentucky Federation of Chapters

NARFE Western Kentucky District I Web Site

National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association Crittenden County - Local Chapter 1373

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Tomas Muse Web Blog

Peaceful Seasonings
Seasonal Greetings
A December Gift

Articles / Stories by Laurel
Laurel's Table of Content
    Marion, a step back in time.
    The Beatles in the Park.
    The joys of owning a cat.
    The Contradiction
    The first day of the rest of you life.
    A good read is hard to find.
    The summer I grew up.
    Survival skills to succeed and make it through life happily.
    America's poor women: Victims of their sex.
    How do you apologize to a Cat?
    The Passion of the Christ, A Review


Non-fiction Bio  by Tomas
Bio early years
A Celebration
I dipped my brush
"What dog?"
Bio Communal
My stay at Morningstar
They could be Enlightened
A Pleasant Warmth
Walking To My Mother's
The Red Ball Boots

Table of Content


Non-fiction Bio
Bio Laurel & Tom #1
Sami Snake
Green Machine

Non-fiction Bio
Bio Laurel & Tom #2
Sidewalks & Paths
Red Rocks
The Cat
How do you apoligize to a cat?

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Table of Content
Fiction and Fantasy by Tomas
Bubba an the Law
The Morning Dew
The Path
Sam & Kathy
Two Brothers
VM* Fantasy
Thanks to Lou Gottlieb
Pam Hanna, links to her writings.
Family by Tom Lance
A Tribute/Links to Lou Gottlieb
Joan, a poetry of words.

Laurel & TomongaDennis & DavidbongaJoanie and TomasbongaTomas @ TolstoybongaJoan

Sylvia and Laurel RosebongaTomas At Work

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Laurel & Tom

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Links to other writers.
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"Thanks to Lou"
The page will hold each week or month,
depending on the reader a, "text  & photo", text or photo, story, graphic, and
most about the lives that have been influenced by Morningstar.
This page will always change.
Let me know that what you send is for this "Thanks to Lou" site.
      This is a wonderful place to say
"Thanks to Lou"

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 My apologies to everyone that knows me and did not see their name in print.
I have to tell you that I do not remember everyone that I have met.
I also know that I have offended just about everyone. My apologies.
I like to treat everyone equally the same, which is usually like crap.