District 1 Spring Sprint
Joe Horcher, DVP1
April 18, 2004 - 9:30 AM
Miss Scarlett's Restaurant
Grand Rivers, Ky.
I-24 exit 31

Members of local NARFE Chapter 1373 who attended the First District, Kentucky Federation, Spring Sprint at Miss Scarlett’s in Gilbertsville, KY, on Monday, April 18, were Tom Crider, Secretary-Treasurer; Tom Diaz, President; Martha Byford, Member; and Helen Hunt, Vice-President.  Photo by Laurel Diaz

Almost 50 members of First District chapters were present for the semi-annual event on one of the most beautiful of Kentucky Spring days.

Following the business meeting conducted by First District Vice-President Joe Horcher, above.

Bill R. Austin, Region X Field Vice-President, presented up-to-date information on priority legislation and issues affecting NARFE members.  Other speakers included outgoing Kentucky NARFE President Clay Shannon and Lela Williams, Federation Public Relations Chair.

DVP Joe Horcher presented awards and recognition to District members.  Honored were the oldest and youngest female and male members in attendance, including Joe Rose and Francis Churchill (oldest) and Jim Ryan and Alicia Pontius (youngest) pictured above.
 Also recognized were five District recruiters and chapters who were sending delegates to the upcoming state convention in Lexington.  Chapters with the highest attendance at the Spring Sprint and chapters with the highest percentage of attendees were presented with checks.

Judge Andre Trawick presented a very interesting and humorous program
following the luncheon on his travels throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky entitled
“A Traveler’s View of Kentucky.”
Attending with Judge Trawick, a member of Henderson Chapter 1291,
was his wife Louise.

Following the conclusion of the meeting, the 2006 Convention Steering Committee met for a short planning session.  Joe Horcher distributed pertinent information to chairs of the various committees.

The next district meeting will be Fall Roundup, also planned for Miss Scarlett’s.

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