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The MOST Newsletter Winter 2004-5 Volume XI

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Winter 2004-5 Volume XI

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MOST Newsletters Table of Contents

Tomas, 01/12/2005: This Newsletter
This letter is two fold.

I maintain this Morningstar Website (IC) for Ramon.

This website is a continuation of the Morningstar Newsletter.
The Morningstar Newsletter was edited letters to Ramon from the folks that first populated Morningstar Ranch.
The newsletter was printed by Ramon in a rather grand style and was almost impossible to place on line.
The Morningstar Newsletter just looked different online.
But it continued for a while online until folks realized the difference between the two newsletters. The first and original newsletter was sent privately by Ramon to folks that lived at Morningstar Ranch. This online version is very open and not very private. When folks realized that their emailed stories about Morningstar were going to be viewed by the world they stopped sending or asked us not to post their letters here.

So Ramon stopped the mailed Morningstar Newsletter because it was too expensive to print and send out to seventy or more people that had once lived at either Morningstar Ranch or Wheelers.
The online has slowed down quite a bit because it is not private. So I maintain this site hoping that it will fill up with Morningstar Ranch biographies.
I also gathered up all the links to websites that people have (that were at Morningstar Ranch) and posted them here at this link:

MOST Newsletters Table of Contents

The second part of this letter is to ask for detailed Morningstar Ranch biographies from each of you to place here on this Morningstar (IC) ( not so private) website.

Something great has happened in the last few years and that is the blog. Which is turning out to be an interactive new history of Morningstar, Wheelers and all of the old and new communes.

I ask you all to create and post to a blog. It is very simple and free. Blog start page by Google.

Once you have created a blog email mail us and we will post here on our Blog Page.


 On another note I have found another review of T. C. Boyle  "Drop City".
Here is the link to the older reviews MOST Spring 2003 Volume IX
and the new one:

MOST Newsletters Table of Contents