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Ohio River Three Day Forecast From Newburgh to
Golconda, Smithland, Paducah & Cairo
1. River Watch Short Three Day Forecast by NOAA

2. River Watch Short Three Day Forecast by NOAA

Kentucky Lake
Barkley Lake Sea Level Elevations

River Industry Bulletin Board
Closings, openings, updates, concerns, findings?

NIC - Navigation Information Connection

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 Ohio River Boat List

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Find a Boat by Just the Name, No List

 Navigation Reports
 Latest current Ohio River stages

NIC - Navigation Information Connection
River Watch

Flooding and Dredging

Gage reading plus the Zero of Gage gives you the Sea Level Elevation
Smithland Upper Gage  12.0  +  312.0  =  324.0  Above Sea Level
Smithland Lower Gage  12.0  +  290.0  =  302.0  Above Sea Level
Zero of Gage and Flood Stage readings are at far right on these reports
Navigation Reports
 Latest current Ohio River stages
Gage                        + Zero of Gage                  =
Sea Level Elevation
12.0 312.0


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