James Prall

Subject: Long time

Hey Ramon, if you remember me I will be quite surprised. I don't recall
you but I was at Morning Star near the beginning and last time must
have been sometime in'70. The time I remember best was in 68 when I
mentioned at some stoner circle that I wanted to go to Alaska and
homestead. Ed "Sharky" Riverra and a kid named Jerry said that sounded
like a splendid idea and we were off...with no more than a couple
dollars between us. We got as far as Eugene and split up. I've not seen
either since. I ran into Bear in ventura a couple of years ago. As far
as I know Bear is the only M* aquaintance I've seen since then. I was
their when Vishnu was born and will never forget Rena doing her yoga
routine only hours after the birth. There was also Dallas blessing
peyote. And Lou saying that "any man who considers himself spiritual
should throw away his keys". Cars off in the ditch may be evidence that
some that took him serious actually did.
I had tears in my eyes as I went through the site the other day. Even
though Lou had told me that he would give it seven years and then
abandon it, I just never imagined that there would ever come a time when
there was not a Morning Star. I would have stayed longer. I'm at East
Wind in MO these days. It has its appeal but it isn't Morning Star.

peace & love,  I attached a pic.