Red Woods

The grass is dry, we are in a drought. I am listening to progressive rock on the air waves, pulsing with ideas and thought. Young minds sending us to places of dreams and ideas....
This page is very large and heavy. It take a very long time to load. You will see below some supports to carry the heavy weight. This page grows very slowly above your computer table. The Redwood grows very slowly. Time is moving very slowly. Our impatience to see it  is sometimes overpowering. This computer is no match to this redwood. As we sit and set up our circle of friends, our patient red friend, stands watch with his thick soft comfortable bark. Time drifts around him like the fragrance of  incense. As we sit and watch,  this page will be set up on it's pedestals. As we sit and watch our redwoods,  life is  growing/moving on a very grand scale.
We are now sitting,waiting and watching, as we and the sixties age gracefully together.
I think I will talk about something else while we wait for this page to load. I wrote the above comment about waiting, beauty, patients, strength, love, friends and time.
What I will write about now is mood swings.
One day we are in love with the world. The days are filled with nothing but beauty before our eyes. The sun sets with love at our side, lavender, orange and blue. In our hearts we know that someone love us. It is easy to smile at danger. We have nothing to lose, we have nothing, yin yang, black and white, father forgive them, I see beauty in space.
The next day fear creeps about us as paranoia cowers beneath the black soil below our aching feet and swelled ankles. Undecided about who loves me? Am I hurting this one as I love the other one. Is my logic all school glue that washes away in the gloomy wet/cold rains of fall. Do the grays of fall, the dead grasses of summer tell us that life is not so great. Do I think that the world would be a better place if I was not here. Does the mulch under my feet decay and smell of death, my ankles still hurt, my knees are not holding me together, I want to sit and wait.
There are places in the mind that hold steady, temper moods, balance temptations.
There is knowledge that where you stand is where it is at.
If you stop and go to a dictionary and define the last sentence that was mentioned, you will understand one or two more meanings of life. You will be moving on. You will be entering a new era of understanding.
How is our Redwood doing?
I will rewrite a sentence that I like a lot.
We are now sitting,waiting and watching, as we and the sixties age gracefully together.

photo by Tom Lance

DDays, a few minutes spent together, rich in substance, filling the memory with good thought, passing the apple/orange to share, love in the eyes, smiles on the lips, goodness in our hearts. The juices of friendship pass between us. Peaceful times of space, sitting under the redwoods, incense drifts around the bark. Peace on the pine needles.
Karin just informed me that there are no pine needles under a redwood, unless your mulching a redwood with pine needles.
Family is good.
Morningstar/Wheelers is good. Speaking and writing is good.
Fiction by Tomas
photo by Tom Lance