Buffalo Bill  and Jude

A short bio... continued

 I am  a Christian and a Registered Nurse now at Holy Family Hospital in Spokane Washington currently in Oncology though for 9+ years did ER, OB and whatever came in the door in Quincy Washington. I had a failed marriage to a pseudo-christian then married a Filipina Christian (real) after 1 & 1/2 years of writing to her as a pen pal. We now live on 5.3 acres of forest north of Spokane and run a free website giving Filipina pen pal addresses away, fighting the "Mail-Order-Bride" industry who get rich off others loneliness and misfortunes.

Buffalo Bill  and Jude
(online known as Rune and Jade)

Buffalo in Malibu 1974***Buffalo in 1975***Marriage in 1996***My Treehouse***Mt. Shasta
Buffalo Bill  and Jude