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A little History for the grand kids:

I grew up in Pasadena California in the 1940-50’s. When I went into the service the Navy in 1959 they said I had Bronchitis. In December 2, 1970 The Federal Government created the United States Environmental Protection Agency to clean the air that caused my Bronchitis.
President Dwight D. Eisenhower established the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 1958. John F Kennedy wanted us to go the Moon so the Government went to the moon.
In the 1980’s the government asked universities across the nation to create computer simulators and paid them with grants. Games came out for computers simulators soon afterwards and we still use them today.
One of the consequence of the games was there was no moral justice when a child was taught to kill. Learning to fly and driving a tank does have a consequence.
So now we are going to battle with ourselves as a consequence.
The New Revolution
They are going to make a game that teaches you to kill,
they are going to manufacture an automatic weapon and
 give it to you and then they will send you to no man’s lands
 far away and let you shoot whatever you want.
And then they will profit by the revenues of the weapons sold and
 then I will wonder what happened?
The New Revolution

I have a solution:
Safe Passage
It is now the year 2015 and it is now the time for the Geneva Convention to create safe passage ships or trains for non-combatants to leave their homes and go to neutral areas of their countries or neutral countries until the war is over.  We heard about the Jews leaving Egypt in the Bible, the Jews leaving Germany by trickery and now the deadly boat trips across deadly seas. We need safe evacuations from areas of war so the warriors can do their fighting; and when the fighting is over the folks in the neutral countries can go back home.
I am very tired of seeing folks flee their countries and living in tent cities or dying at sea because we do not have the dignity to allow them safe passage from war.
We can also tell folks that use the games that they must understand if they want to kill for real they have to join the military and not go out and buy a weapon and kill.
We also must make the government and gun manufacturer’s responsible for the mistakes they made by creating the Simulators and the guns.

Become a Moderate Republican
World Anarchy wants control of America. At the moment they control the Republican Party. There are no moderate Republicans in office. Big World Corporations want World Anarchy; World Anarchy will always say that Big Government is At Fault as in Good Health Care is a vote for Obama Care. Or they say “Environmental Law” is against “Hard Working Jobs in the South”.
The only way to stop the nonsense is to vote Democratic and then form a Moderate Republican Party. The first thing that has to happen is to vote out all the state republicans so that the states can change the Electoral College so that you have Moderate Republicans and Democrats.

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