310 Third Street.
Alhambra, California

That's my cousin Gene in the checkered sox. This is the early fifties in Alhambra, California.

The home in the photo was owned by Tony Stuppy later to be Gilbert's step-father.
Tony Stuppy, Gladys Shattler and my dad all worked at Nardine Mfg. in Alhambra during this time frame.
I used to edge the St Agustus lawn with a Gem single sided razor blade.
Blow-up below

Check out my thick-soled Bombers and Gene's Penny Loafers
Life in the early fifties.
In this photo I was listening to Earth Angel, Shaboon by the Chords anything on Chess records.
I played hard tackle football.
My mind was on infinity and the Catholic Church.
My mind could reach into the sack and grasp nothing and pull out pixie dust that disappeared like cotton candy.
Drop under your seat and cover your head.
I thought I was cool like my cousin in the photo but I looked like a nerd.
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