Without Pay
Little Richard

I am very proud that my generation is finally paying back with money for the pain that was caused to the blacks in our past. I live in the south, from what I see, this part of the country is divided between good and evil. Choose whatever perspective you like?
I grew up listening to the blues in Los Angeles. I, as a child never knew who was cheating who in the music industry. I never knew until the sixties that some of my favorite singers were broke because of theft/deceit. I am very happy to announce that our generation is paying back what is due.
While living in San Francisco in 1963, I was working for this space agency. This young black man ask me to come over to his house and help him wash and wax his car. I never thought anything about it. As I was finishing up the waxing a crowd was forming at my back, a crowd that I did not see. It seems that he told his friends that he was going to get a young man to wash and wax his car. He was so proud. I never gave it a second thought, until years later. I was taught to do the right thing. I had no clue of what I had done.
What you just read can be viewed from two perspectives, his and mine. Mine was that I was waxing a friends car. We can create problems where there is none, it is what one wishes to see.
The heavy rock station in Owensboro, Ky. keeps playing weekly,
 Neil Young's  " Southern Man ". It is what one wishes to hear.

I was so vain that I did think that the song was about me!