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 Welcome, ranchers, grads, alums and fellow travelers!
 Put up your feet and hang awhile!
Thanks also to Eric Noble's San Francisco Diggers website who created space for several newsletters and the "Home Free Home" book (See below). I've linked this page to his sites when you click on the appropriate title and many thanks for the technical help from David Hatch.
We are always searching for photos of both ranches, so please let me know if you have any in your memorabilia!
Thanks to Elph and those responsible for the Intentional Community website for hosting this website for the past five years. The Most Newsletter has now moved to (which is hosted by Tomas who is a Morningstar alumni).

 MOSTposts functions basically as a list for folks who lived on two communal ranches, Morningstar and Wheeler's, and for this reason we keep it as a moderated list.

Feedback, comments, photos and queries can also be sent to: 2006morningstar at laurelrose dot com and the information will be sent to Yahoo Groups MOST POSTS Newsletter:

This is a list of all published issues of the MOST Newsletter to date  -- last updated January 2004

MOST Newsletter Winter 2004-5 Volume XI
MOST Winter 2003-4 Volume X
MOST Spring 2003 Volume IX
MOST Autumn 2000 Volume VII #3 & MOST Winter Volume VIII #1
MOST Summer 2000 Volume VII #2
MOST Spring 2000 Volume VII #1
MOSTAutumn 1999 Volume VI #3
MOST Summer 1999, Vol VI #2
MOST Spring 1999, Vol VI #1
MOST Autumn 1998, Vol V #1
MOST IV #2, 1996 Lou Gottlieb memorial party
MOST IV #1 Lou Gottlieb's funeral, July1996
MOST MOST I #4, October 1992uploaded July 27 1999
MOST MOST I #3, September 1992 uploaded July 24 1999
MOST MOST I #2, June 1992
MOST MOST I #1, May 1992

"Home Free Home," a 24-chapter Morning Star & Wheeler Ranch history

Morningstar Scrapebook

Manifesto II RamonThe second Manifesto was put together at the Ahimsa Ranch commune in 1971.
It was a collaborative effort, and evokes the warmth and love of the community very well. Enjoy!

Good Olde Daze photos from Wheeler Ranch in the late Sixties/early Seventies
Hundreds of black-and-white shots conveniently arranged by topic by Char~*
thanks so much for your Web expertise/ongoing assist!

Ramon Sender Website

"Morningstar Chronicles" by Pam Hanna Read
Pam Read's Experiences at Morningstar California
Pam Read's Experiences at Morningstar New Mexico
The Next Morning Star New Mexico Installment

The Digger Forim is a good place for all of us to meet and say hello.

If you have written your Morningstar /Wheelers Ranch biography to a blog or website
let us know and we will post a link to it here.
Morningstar imformation can be gleaned at these web sites and archives:
        mostposts at yahoogroups dot com

Wilder Bentley Homepage
Jodi Mitchell
Intentional Communities Web Site
The Diggers Archives
Lou Gottlieb and The Limeliters
Lou Gottlieb and The Limeliters

          Roots of Communal Revival 1962-1966 by Timothy Miller
          Religious Movements in the United States:by Timothy Miller
Lou Gottlieb by Pam Hanna and David Hatch
Other Articles by Pam Hanna
Pam Hanna's Public Reviews
StoryTeller.netby Sara Ransom
The Morningstar Homepage by Friartuck RIP 9/21/99  (This link above does go anywhere at this time.)
Joe Dolce & Difficult Women

          Healing Words by Oceana Taicher    (This link above does go anywhere at this time.)
Margo by Margo

          Wheelers Ranch Scrapbook  by Char~*
The Honolulu Jazz Scene  by Clay Freeman
I do all the translating into French for my friend Christian Werba's website: Clay Freeman
Tomas  by Tomas
Family by Tom Lance  by Bruce Magnotti
Olcities  by Bruce Magnotti
David Hatch @ Wheelers VM*
Moses Moon  by David Hatch
Friar Tuck by David Hatch
The Tie Dye Guysby Bishop & Peggy Saltzman    (This link above does go anywhere at this time.)
O.B. Ray, the Sage of Wheeler's by Bishop Saltzman
Living on the Earth  by Alicia Bay Laurel
What did the hippies believe in?
What is the freedom that hippies tried to achieve?
What was it about society at that time that made
hippies and their ideals a reality?
What kind of reality was it? by Alicia Bay Laurel
Coyote in Print by Peter Coyote
Free-Fall Chronicles by Peter Coyote
Peter CoyoteHome page
Erawan.Net by Robert
Jade & Rune's Nipa Hut! by Buffalo Bill  and Jude
Phil Morningstar
Thomas Roark
Foothills College for Alternative Health Education
The Hippie Museum
The Personal
The Political
The Earth
Express Thyself
Ed Walkinstik
Ed Walkinstik, Hope and The Amazing Solar Chariot
The Sonoma County Museum
A Few of the Flower Children of the Sixties
Old Newspaper Articles & Photos Scrapebook



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