The Ant-social behavior of the 1980s
I always thought that the 1960s children were anti-social until now when I have realized that the 1960s were very social almost to the point of being socialistic.
John F Kennedy, Lynden Johnson, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were all social Presidents. They tried to help the poor of these United States.
In the last quarter of a century we have seen our government become very anti-social starting with Ronald Reagan that started the removal of government in our society. During the 1980s we have seen the destruction of the labor unions who had helped the poor and then telling us that the government was not responsible for the mentally ill and then sending them into the streets. We have seen the slow destruction of the Social Security System by removing the interest that the money created and the defiant stalling with dealing with the health care of our nation.
The declining of America continued with The Contract with America which set the pattern of less government and moving the health of America to big business with the trickle down economy who promptly dumped their health care and retirement systems and moved overseas.
This anti-social behavior still exists and is considered the norm in our society to the great displeasure of half the population of the country.

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