Ramon: This is a photo of Charlie, that's Katy the Dog in the foreground, Pam, Ramon and
Larry's 'Meadow Boat' home in the background. A lovely little structure.
Joanie was near by. Ramon thought Joanie was the person in green- and used to think that curly blonde head
was she -- until looking closer. Ramon thinks the person in green might be Charlie - but Pam should know.
It looks like that person in green is rolling a smoke, but it is someone making something out of leaves.
It could be a skirt, a fig leaf or a lei.
The TIME folks I recall were very pleasant, wandered around - we emphasized 'THE WORK TRIP'
Pam: Ramon and Joanie and Katy Dog.
Sort of like the hippie version of Naked Lunch since I'm the only unclothed one.
All I remember is the TIME photographer on the set shooting like mad.
That must have been the most discreet photo he could come up with.
Funny addendum to this is that my parents couldn't brag about their daughter
being in Time mag cuz it was such a scandal, but my Aunt Rhue saw it on her
own & recognized me mainly because she spotted the teapot she gave me when
Larry & I got married (it's under the house right beside my left knee).
Haha - my 15 minutes of Andy Worhol fame.  Also, it was such a nondescript
everywoman shot that it could have been anybody & Cindy's friends thot it
was Cindy while a lot of people whose daughters had run away thot it was
them.  Caused quite a stir.

Manythanks to Tim Miller for sending the photo.

Love & badabas,

A link to the Time story of July 07, 1967
This story is a photo of a "copy machine era" printout of the page about Morningstar Ranch.