Creating objects to see/feel/hear/sense/understand. Drawing a line to the center of your horizon and then down to the pot of gold. Turning a piece of chalk sideways and sweeping a rainbow across the sky. Using a computer to link thousands of people together and show them colors and thought.

Opening ones mouth, pushing sound out into the atmosphere. Communicating with people, animals and large antennaed boxes (across the room) with practiced sounds, created languages.

The internet

A web of telephones lines created by the military for speech and given to the public. Control of the internet is being fought for by the people that like to make money, whether they will come out on top remains to be seen. There is still a lot of areas that are still without advertising. Hopefully this site will remain so. I do find it annoying to see an advertisement pop up before my/your eyes. I see people work/program around adds.

Combine Speech and the Internet
You have a forum to speak your mind, though it is not entirely free, it does let you speak your mind to the point of being heard by any group of people. Indeed a very vocal way of speaking your piece.
A very inexpensive way of talking to millions. Being part of the democracy/or some part of some community.
Did the cave man talk to rocks, throw a tomato at his wall, then stop and stare at his creation, waving his hands in the air in frustration over what the lady of the dell had said just that afternoon. Have you ever walked along your path speaking to yourself, waving your hands in gestures of composition. Watchers of the great games speak and yell at black boxes plugged into the walls of their fortune.
I place little marks that we understand on this computer screen, and guess what?
You read/understand some of what is placed in this area.
Turn a piece of chalk sideways and sweep a rainbow across the sky.
As we walk, we leave behind the past and step into the future. Some of us would rather step back in time and live a simple existence. Some like myself, step into this electronic media. I jump into this pot of human behavior.
The Internet has provided for me a place to speak. A place where I pay for the space to set my thoughts and remembrance's of family and friends. Unique, how time travels online to you. I can set an emotion of love or hate. You as the reader can say bullshit and walk away or you can walk up the incline of our rainbow and see the earth with a different perspective. Amazing what our little brains can do, spinning yarns into quilts of friendships. It rains in colorful patterns here.
Here I can create woven patterns of thought, never needing anyone to define my attitude or presentation. This can be crap on one page and pure genius on another. These are the steps we are undertaking into human behavior and electronic arts. Good or bad.
 Advice on web sites
Do you want to put your thoughts online, tell a tale, give advice, trash the world, give birth to more Morningstars, entertain? There are places on the web that offer space for free if you use them as
your Internet connection. You will need at least 10 megs to feel comfortable, five megs will do. Most free sites have a price you pay, in banners or pop up boxes with adds, which I find annoying. Go visit the sites and find out what annoying can mean. I would advise you to avoid these sites if they irritate you they may irritate someone else.
If your going to sell something you will have to pay for your site. The best advice is to look locally at your Internet provider. Go to different places and see what happens at each site, but check your
local provider first and see what they offer. If you can type you can build a web page. With a few phone calls you can be online.
You can color the world with Golden Poppies and Morning Glories.
We were sitting around a campfire. There was a warm glow from the wood fire. We were listening to a storyteller. Our minds were lost as we gazed into the red and black charcoal.
I looked over and tears were running from Laurels eyes. We had heard and seen a wonderful world in our minds. The storyteller had created an image. She had spoken a tale. She had sent us to a wonderful world of thought.
We had shared a story that had been passed down from one generation to another generation.

The stallion high up on the hill paws at the ground, marking the ground, his world.
Telling us that this world, high up on the horizons blue grasses, is his.
Marks on the earth by Stallions, Bucks and Bears.
We are all placing marks with meaning on this planet.
The pen is mightier that the sword, marks on paper, now on computers.
Traveling at the speed of light to every home on this planet.
We have told the world to please stop the infections of greed.
Mothers, sons, fathers and daughters all have computers,
all can sway opinions with voices of light.
The times are truly changing.
Peace and Good Will Prevail.
Far out badaba.

Beautiful words we absorb from minds long gone and past their prime. Tales written on parchment, paper and disk. Tales written about lifestyles we no nothing about, but we are eager to understand the parallels in mind and thought.
Words do wonderful things to our minds,  they supply the supple tender thought of our loves
tender moments. The spice and lust of our glowing forms. They warm the inner emotions with joy and love.
They supply the orange and red glow of a burnt piece of wood that is a danger to us. Words provide the pain in the hot ember as it sears our hand.
I read an article by Lou and he explains to me about space.
The space required to make a person whole or one with god.
  I allow my self to be tethered and restrained by our present society. If given the space to roam. I can drop the restraints and tethers. Lou speaks of the space that should be given/set aside by the state to creatures like my self. Places to learn and make adjustments to our mental state, so that we too can function on this planet. He made it work, but our Great Society was not impressed. There are a few places on this earth where you can roam free without restraint.
I have adjusted, I understand the space that I occupy and I am happy to feel all the emotions life has given me in my present form. I allow this society to dress me and tether me. I am lucky to be part of this worlds revolutions. As I see history, I see what others before me have seen. Our technology provides quick access to knowledge. We are improving, but we need more space. I do not think killing people to provide more space is the answer. If we look up we can see quite a bit of space. I would love to be back in the free environment of Morningstar,  the space provided by god with its lush fruit and trees of knowledge.
Tall redwoods with bark bright red and as big as my hand. Pine needle beds to lay on and slumber. Looking up you see the green leaves and powder blue sky. A cloud that is a rabbit is now a snail as it rolls by. The warmth of the down bed is comfort in my mind. Peace, and take care.
Learning words, every day I learn new words.
I put these words into sentences.
I convey ideas across the wires of technology.

The internet as an art form
Take a Hippie to Lunch

Thanks to Lou

Words & Graphics by Tomas