look at the colors as I do.
The cat is black with white on her chest.
She looks out the glass window looking out and wishing she were there.
I have tried this before, I have opened the window and her fur stands on end.
Her senses become in the presence/being she feels the cat in her soul.
Her ears quiver with all the sensations of the out doors.
She is a cat for just a second and she turns back into the comfort of home.
The comfort of home means that she can sleep on her back with both of her eyes closed with out being eaten.
From time to time she'll go out into the world of fierce competition to be alive.
Out the window is the place where all of her senses are active and alive.
That is the place where dogs do eat cats and she knows it.
She is older now her time has passed she just settle on the couch and
look at the colors as I do.

August 11, 2001
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 .Words & Graphics by Tomas