Sunlight brightens our days.
Cloudy dark skies darken the images that we view.
Thunderstorms give us extremes of light and darkness.
The dark ominous clouds darken our skies and the lightning brightens our days.
And there are days when the overcast skies dim our views.
The overcast skies sometimes dim our feelings of well being as they cast dark shadows into our interiors.
But then some of us have electricity that travels on poles and sometimes underground into our homes.
This current of heated wire and filament illuminate our interiors. It creates lights where no light was before.
We purchase light without thought; it is there for a price, for the taking.
I am at Allison's at 10 at night writing into a spiral notebook. Amazing.
"I don't have to do anything! Please don't ask, the more you ask the more I'll say no."
"I'll write as I please and the way I please."
These statements above are thoughts I hear all the time. I wish I didn't have to hear them, but I do.
I wish the body of man could write as he thought.
The notion that moved through the brain would automatically move onto the paper.
All concepts properly conceived and placed on paper in a legible form that is pleasing and understandable.
Why do we have to struggle to properly form a statement and thought?
Why can't thought just flow like clear water?

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The Bell

The bell is at your home where it is loved. The temple is in your heart,
which is as big as that island that you live on. Let the bell be. Let
the bell be at your home, it is a fine temple.

I remember working for Brother Herron here in Kentucky in 1962 or 63 .
He had an old 3/4 ton Chevrolet panel truck that had an old granny gear
in the transmission that would move the truck at a snails pace of 1/2 mph.
It would move over anything and go anywhere. If I am correct this
is the same type of vehicle that Ramon drove from Tolstoy Farm to
Morningstar with Tomas in tow. On the trip south we stopped at all the
state parks along the way. We gathered pine needles and put them in a
pile under the trees. We laid our sleeping bags over the pine needles,
which was very comfortable. Ramon & Joanie rode in their panel truck and
Nancy & Wally drove in their VW microbus. In the backs of both of these
vehicles were Coleman stoves to fix meals, teas and coffee.
I got to hold Natasha this afternoon. She is young and small. I looked
into her eyes and saw the world. It is one of life's great pleasures
holding a living being. We were together on this planet, together and
comfortable. Granddaughter and grandfather at peace.

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