A Sun Day
As I look out this window rain is dripping off the wires out side.
I can't believe this?
It has rained every day this week or is it more than that?
What in this world is happening, I think I know but it is only an assumption.
I'll tell you what they found with my body. I am fine and very well. Something happened in my stomach and caused my stomach to burn I felt the pain at my breastbone. The pain moved off into my chest and lungs and arms. All of this was not related but we put two and two together and we assumed that it was my heart. All those different pains were not related they were just aches. Laurel said to see our local doctor and he said let's do a stress test and see if you have any heart problems. I took the stress test on a treadmill and after a minute or two of vigorous walking they said to go until I could not go any longer. At this point my blood pressure jump over 300 and all the folks panicked and told me to lie down. I said I was fine, I said this is the way I felt when I climbed those 118 steps at the top of the dam. They said to lie still as they monitored my blood pressure, they asked if I was ok and I would answer yes. I was just hot and tired their eyes said something else.
They called a doctor in Paducah and set up a visit to the hospital there to look at my heart through an artery. So Laurel and I traveled to Paducah and checked into the hospital where they prepped me for the test and 24 hours of observation. The test proved only that I had a very strong heart and there were no blockages. They were baffled and puzzled? I was fine. So what was the pain all about? When I came home a couple of days later they set up an appointment to look at my stomach and colon at the same time. They were going to send a two flashlights, one from each end to meet in the middle, which they did. My colon was fine but my stomach was full of polyps or something similar. The doctor cut them out and said that they were fine and negative. So we feel that the pain was my stomach and the chest pain was just that or sore muscles. Where did they come from or what caused them I do not know? The pain in my arm was the same, just sore muscles. About the high blood pressure? Maybe just a bad reading or maybe my body can endure high pressure from climbing the steps at the dam. I climbed those steps for twenty years and my heart pounded very hard at the top of those steps everyday, every time.
So I am well, I'm just another lazy butt that needs to exercise.
This is July the 29th and it is tropical out side this window. It is green out there; normally it is dry, dusty and hard at this time of year. Something is happening and I don't know what it is? We are benefiting from someone else's distress.
Coyote I hope you feel better and let the sun shine into your smile.
Laurel has the tea on and it is time for a cup.
Keep up the good work and maybe I'll write something that makes sense. Laurel knows better.

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Natasha Mercedes Purcell

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