Scattered Attire

Scattered attire, hats and raincoats are hanging on hooks.
Black shoes are on the tile floor.
Cats are eating in the kitchen.
Solitaire is on the computer screen.
Dust bunnies are blowing across the kitchen floor.
We call this day Fathers Day.
Our son is under the deep blue sea.
Our daughter is pregnant in Murray, KY.
Pictures are hanging on these walls: Oriental Flowers,
A Geisha in Thought, a tapestry by Laurel, some pictures of our children now grown.
Sunday morning, Fathers Day. I am reading Stephen King, he is in a dream and I am along for a ride.
Scattered attire, a pregnant cat looks about, does she know what is going to happen to her, she is very young?
I started work on the index Saturday, I should be finished by late fall.
That should be enough time for all our hair to turn pure white.

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Words & Graphics by Tomas