Diggers & Coffee Houses

Long before the hippies I was aware of the beach bums roaming the beaches in California.
As a child our family camped out at Tin Can Beach for the Weekends.
I was aware of the beat generation that wore black and a beret in those coffee houses along the coast.
I was aware of Gandhi from the newsreels at the movie theater.
I was aware of Little Richard and his plight. I was aware of Rock & Roll music.
I was aware of the folk music being played in 62.
I was aware of the Beatles when they decided to wear long hair.
I became aware of the Hippies in 67.
To say that these ideas all started on a day the Diggers decided to hand out free food,
clothing and leaflets does not make sense.
I think that the feelings of the young were coming to a head with or without the Diggers.
The Diggers only complimented my feeling about sixties.
The Diggers are only part of this continuing revolution for Peace and Good Will.
To repeat my self as Ronald Colman becomes Othello.
We try to keep the Peace on Holidays.
Everyday should be a Holiday.

My Admiration of the Sixties

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Words & Graphics by Tomas