Jason, Allison, andBabyPurcell

We learn as we get older. I am almost sixty years old and I just learned another lesson in life.
Today's women celebrate things I have never understood. When my wife informed me that she was pregnant over thirty years ago, I said fine and smiled with pride and went on about my business.  I hoped that everything would be fine and I helped Laurel knowing that she was with child.
Just recently our daughter informed us that she was with child, Laurel blossomed with pride and I smiled with pride and went about my business hoping that everything would be fine until the birth date. Well I was wrong in my attitude because our children are celebrating the fact that a small life form is growing in Allison's body. She and her husband are expecting the world to celebrate with them and are proudly explaining the joy though art, happiness and a web site. They are beaming with the joy of motherhood and they are radiant with happiness. I was promptly told to not be so stuffy and get on with the program. So I am signing on with the celebration and will view all the data sent to me about the new life form in her body.
I thought that is was too early to celebrate, but I was wrong. Life is moving in a new place, our daughter's belly and we are all going to celebrate that fact. We salute life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Jason, Allison, and Baby Purcell

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