I have pulled a muscle in my back; it has kept me away from the computer. It has made my life difficult; there is no easy way to do anything. My back is stiff; it has become a homemade caste to keep me still. This is the third day of my back pain; I am just getting back to writing again. Does this matter to anyone, my answer is no, it only matters to me. I am at the point of repeating my own writing/self or quoting other writers. How boring it is to listen to my brain rant all over again. I think that writing should flow with an idea, move it gracefully without folly across this paper. If done properly it should move a mild mind to a wonderful place, a glacial black stone that moves in inches.
Who cares about the layers of lines the story moves through.
Happiness is the gift, our ability to see warm cream and a bitter pill in our day and walk away with the sense of being in the image of the day.


Two doves and a large old robin sit on the line outside of this window.
Carly is singing.
My back is warm sitting here.
Storms rolled through this morning.

The song says that, "The silly red sheet covers the man of steel."
Black boots lie about in disarray.
Words splay in all directions as the soft colors droop over the table like a cloth.
The word wine is heard as an echo today.


Reading the emails lately and talking to my son in San Diego I am realizing that the feelings of good will and
the casual lifestyles of the sixties are returning. Here in Kentucky it will be a little bit longer.
But I do enjoy the fact that the mind of the child is heading in the write/right direction.
Thanks for the updates they are very refreshing.


My brain tells me when there is a minor dysfunction in my body. I do my best to relax and let my body handle those problems. Back pain as in my case is a pulled muscle that causes other muscles to function as a brace (they try to do the job of the damaged muscle). We know that they can't so we must be patient and wait for the muscle to heal. When it is healed I'll feel better and start to work again.
The brain does a wonderful job of handling pain and repairing damages. The body imposes limits in the movement of damaged parts hence the stiffness in my back.
I am fine today with a minor feeling in my back that I ought to be careful. I am moving rather well but I'll keep the lifting to a minimum for a day or two.
Our bodies are a gift from her, our mothers.
Our bodies are a gift from him, our fathers.
Our bodies are a gift from god, the unknown or known.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


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