I am in an early morning state of being.
I am sitting out on the deck listening to the sounds of crickets which are overwhelming the sounds of the birds.
I have been told by history that the Earth has revolved around the Sun 66 times since the time of my first moments as a human being.
The grass is green around the above ground pool in our yard.
The Humming Birds have come by in groups of three to out red glass feeders.
This is a Sun Day.
I have seen one Honey Bee this year.
Bumble Bees, Mud Daubers, Sweat Bees and Wasps we have seen.
I have been told that Ants have devoured my Celebration Cake as I type.
Every since I power-washed the deck the ants have come indoors.
I have also been told by my friend Tommy that there were no blackberries to pick this year; has that something to do with the Honey Bees.

Summer of Love 40th Anniversary - 1967 -- 2007


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