"What can world can do for me?"
Like a child I ask questions with no answers?
Should I continue or should I stop.
I seem to be repeating one self. I asked questions to my self as a child.
Time has answered some of the questions and greed has answered the others.
Our world is based on the credo,
"What can world can do for me?"
Today I look out of this window.
The earth is there, a mist and gray clouds are near, and young adults are driving to school.
Some are spinning their wheels and others are thinking of redoing their homework.
Back in the late fifties and early sixties I was the young adult that was spinning his wheels, but without a car.
I was so far out and not knowing so.
One of the cats brought home a mouse and laid it on the front stoop, we swept it into the yard, it was lifeless.
This is not the first time that a cat has brought home a creature. In the old house on Belleville (photo of Laurel & Ambo), "Big Baby" brought home a live squirrel into the house. "Big Baby" was a tomcat with ragged ears and a swagger. Laurel said that he carried it in by the scruff of the neck and laid it down on the kitchen floor. We had four or five black walnut trees in our yard there and we could always see squirrels jumping from limb to limb. After the squirrel hit the floor it froze and Laurel promptly scooped it into a cardboard box and laid it on our front porch. The front porch wrapped around the front and side of the house. We had huge windows and Laurel saw the squirrel scamper to one of the black walnut trees. It ran up the tree and on to a limb where the male promptly came over to his mate and groomed her and chattered loudly at the world.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


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