How are we going to do this?

Am I capable of forgetting the knowledge that I have learned? Why would I do that?
If I wanted to start over in some unknown frontier could I forget my past?
Could we as a collective society forget what our past was like?
Could we walk into the unknown frontier without a thought of our past?
If we wanted to start over in the Garden of Eden could we do this?
Or is this the message that is in the bible about taking that bite of knowledge.
We can get very close to death and somehow get very near to not knowing a thing.
But we seem to want our knowledge and we continue to live.
We can travel into places where our society is not present or that is behind in our capabilities to treat humanity fairly.
This medium is moving knowledge quickly into places of what we think is a deep darkness.
Pockets of light are shinning back to us like a new star in the night sky.
We thought that what we did not see was darkness only to learn more knowledge was put forward into our laps.
Are these words going to fade Like Mona Lisa? Is someone going to carve these words into titanium?
Is someone going to forward these thoughts and graphics into the future. I doubt it.
Is this plastic disk going to lie in the rubble of our garages? Who is going to be capable of unraveling these bits and bytes?
Are we carving our love on a growing tree? My dad and mom did and I am the only that knows.
How are we going to do this?

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