As we pass this point and time,
our senses pick up what they need to create new thoughts and ideas.
As time passes it becomes history.

Imagination sees things that are there and not there.

Shallow, flat, linear, up on top.
Black marks on white paper, without depth. What I see or hear is what I respond to.
Other folks have volumes of knowledge stored back in their winding libraries of thought.
I can create depth on paper for the mind, but it stills boils down to black marks on white paper.

The 4th of July, 2000bongaSeptember 20, 2000
September 24, 2000bongaOctober 04, 2000
October 09, 2000bongaOctober 12, 2000
October 16, 2000bongaOctober 19, 2000
October 21, 2000bongaOctober 27, 2000