Just check the box.
Have you heard that or have got the feeling that all the people want you to do is
 “Just check the box”.
When I decide to do something in this life a variety of emotions go along with the decision of answering a question. Yes I understand that they want a “yep or nope”, but my life is too complicated for just a brief answer.
I stand my ground when I open my mouth. I realize that I have a voice and opinion that can be explained or expressed. I have a comfortable feeling about life that the world should feel and hear about.
But most replies to official web sites go to deaf ears. I am just a stat, a calculation to be used in a major or minor graph. This irritates me that my emotion just goes into a swirling vacuum that is emptied when the night watchman comes in to clean. The night watchman has a web site at Vacuum Dot Com where he discards this morning’s dusty emotions.
I hear in the background Laurel saying, “just check the box”, and while you’re there check the email?
Just check the box?
A Toothache
Sunday morning, it is cool and gray. Chilly. Laurel's jaw hurts, she has
some infection deep inside. I made her take a pain pill, she was able to
get some sleep. I feel great. Why is it that I am unable to give her
what my body feels. There must be a way to give her some comfort. She'll
see the dentist Monday some time.
A lazy day, I know I have things to do. But I will relax and enjoy our company.
Hopefully Laurel will see the dentist and all will be well.
But we know from experience that these tooth and jaw things take time and an enormous amount of patient with the pain.
I will do my best to keep Laurel happy under the circumstances.
I can literally walk out of the woods, dress and walk into the nearest town and
be online searching for some remnant of the past.
I can live like a monk or a sister of mercy. I can lose all site or traces of the world we grew up in.
The only reminder is our mind and a passing plane.
We can work and live in peace or we can go to the technology and find all the words and deeds of our large world.
I make a choice. I have that freedom.
Most of us have compromised, we have benefited from both worlds and we use both
to maintain the peace of mind that is of our choosing.
It is nice to reaffirm our love for life through the email messaging systems of technology.

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