Water, Fire & Brimstone

I like so many of us we never worry about a raging fire until it comes home.
The "home" being the raging fire just down the road at our neighbor's space.
Only then does the fire come to the forefront.
Then the story is plastered as a hot headline on our morning paper.
The story that is so hot that it singes the eyebrows as we read.
How can we fight this rage of flame and smoke with a thousand words or shovels?
Is there a way to overpower the walls of heat and flame with moisture?
Where is the armada of planes that I saw in those newsreels when I was a boy?
Is there an armada of planes that can overwhelm the earth with water?
Where is the fleet that covers our skies like our wars?
Where are the overwhelming parachutes of water, our invasion of moisture?
Can we see every city in America rolling up their sleeves and building flying water carriers by the thousands?
Can we see those planes flying in formation bombarding the earth with water?
Putting the flames out and bringing cool peace back to the landscapes of America.
Where are the words of force that push this kind of war to the forefront?
This notion that this armada of help with water can do the job of removing the
explosion of flame that rages across our planet.
Who wins the finger pointing political drama, the fire, the human beings, the forest or the timber industry?
Does the land lose and roll into the sea or does the land win?
I certainly do not have a clue what the answer is.
I have the feeling that the homes that were burned will only be political pawns in this environment.
Someone will play the violin and our lives will move forward.
Words will not solve or stop the exploding of pines.
Will these thoughts seep into the minds of influence and make a difference?
Is there an answer?
We seem to know how to fight fire, is the blueprint/technology sitting here on our computers?
Our words are always monitored.
Could this help put out the fires or do these plastic words just make the fire rage more brilliantly.

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