Peace, Love & Good feelings
I am always walking in circles in the damp grass.
Thoughts and colors move into my head.
Flowers in bloom color our garden red, lavender, gold and blue.
Flowers with no names or is it I just do not remember there names? Whatever!
They do have color and they do live.
Songs, birds, cats, wet moisture in the morning.
There is no danger here, this is a peaceful space, place.
There is no rush or chaos, no bumping on crowded sidewalks, just grass and trees.
There is no movement but my pencil and the sun rising.
Ideas drop by through the airwaves. Notions of death and deceit mix my mind like an eggbeater.
The sun is in my eyes, I should move.
Bring me back.
The morning dew can carry my thoughts away. Gold flower on long green stems.
Water flowing on the soil reflecting in the morning sun.
Bring me back to..
Peace, Love & Good feelings

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


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 .Words & Graphics by Tomas