Building a home.
I see all the structures that these young men built and realize that I never thought of building any structure. I was incapable of building anything. Sylvia and Joanie had shown me an image of my being. I could work if I was told to, but I was incapable of nurturing a home or structure. I was incapable of gathering anything of physical substance.
I was marveling in being on this planet.
I took pleasure in what ever came my way. The only structure being built was inside my head. I enjoyed the pleasure of being truly free. I am grasping the pleasure of the moment. I could flop down at any given place and enjoy that moment.
It is not much different now. The difference now is that I purposely look for and see others as human beings. I look at all the creative art and words that are created by human beings. I know that other humans have emotional rides with functioning creative bodies.
It is easy for me to love the human form. It is easy for me to love the scrapings of thought carved on tablets and wood.
Building a home.
Thanks to You

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