Carmel colored ravings. It is dark and raining as I walk fast out to the car.
As I drive in the rain I think about the rain as it sheets down. For some reason I am thinking about the looters in Detroit.
I see a dear walking across my vision in the rain. I am lost in a daydream as the rain pours down.
I realize that a dear is crossing my path, I step hard on the brakes.
Jesus, it could have been a dinosaur, a surrey, a time machine,
it is so dark out and these lights just tunnel into the darkness.
Well at least the road is paved; I do not see any Easter bunnies hiding any eggs in this pouring rain?
I was thinking about the looters. Am I supposed to start looting every time someone kills any/another human being?
And then I realize that maybe that is just a reason to clean out their neighborhood.
I do not have any sense about how mob rules?
Here in Kentucky they just shoot each other and then go to jail.
About - Richard E. Schultes
That was a nice piece that Ramon wrote about him or past along.
I can see him paddling along the river and stopping wherever he saw something of interest.
I know that his body steamed in the heavy tropical air and the mosquitoes buzzed around him like a breakfast counter.
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