by Laurel

 The domestic house cat has been treasured and idolized for
centuries by people of many cultures.  Egyptians, in fact, believed
cats were living gods.  To many, the cat represents ingenuity,
independence, and courage.  No other animal will show its pleasure
more vocally than the cat who is purring, and no other animal is more
appealing than a playful kitten.  There is something so soothing and
gratifying when cats nuzzle you with their warm bodies and purr their
contentment in your ear.  The cat, with all its independence,
continues to be a favorite pet of both young and old, and many of my
friends treat their cats as if they were members of their family.
Cats (you either love them or you hate them) are treasured in our
household, and they offer us many hours of pleasure with their unique