Rose Colored Glasses
or how do you define everything your mother wanted you to be?
There is no way to define life. A man can live in a cave; a man can live in a skyscraper.
A man can love life or he can hate every moment. He can live anywhere in between both attitudes.
The earth is our habitat. All the plants and creatures are a part of this planet.
We can define behavior with our multitude of formats.
Being able to see is quite unique. Being able to see another human is quite unique. Most of us see others with their faults.
Those faults are created by life itself and as categorized by man.
There is no need to see another being with his faults, it serve no good purpose.
It only defines prejudice as a mark on our walls.
This is the distinction of living a good life. Find no fault in another human.
Another paradox?
In 1967 all the awareness of being my self was given to me by the attitude of a peaceful revolution. A notion that we could live in peace, if we wanted to, was the attitude of the young crowds.  I wanted to live in peace. Go ahead do your thing was spoken to me. Simply being myself was OK. It is not a difficult thing to do.
Shedding the baggage of society is not difficult.
I hope I can help you create a wonderful world.
Peace and some “Rose Covered Glasses”,
badaba, Tomas

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