Throughout the South there are quite of few of these restaurants along the highway. Until recently these restaurants have had great food and service. But for some reason being my looks or their being busy their service has hit rock bottom. We normally pay quite well for service in restaurants because I know how hard waitresses work for their money so we always pay a little more for that service. I am very sympathetic toward the working class of America.
This past weekend we went to Murray for our granddaughter's birthday.  The Birthday Party was great and my wife Motherkitty worked very hard making two dresses for the girls and making the new expectant baby boy a new white, blue and pink afghan which is absolutely beautiful.
This post is about the service at two of these restaurants that are local here in western Kentucky.
I do not know how many of the restaurants are in western Kentucky?
The first time we got poor service by our waitress, I put off as being a bad day for a working women (our waitress); and let it be. This last episode is worth a note here at this blog so you will know what to expect when you travel to Murray.
This is all about our order.
Motherkitty ordered a : Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich on rye with mayonnaise.
I ordered: two pancakes and a side of sausage and the waitress ask, "What kind of syrup?" and I said, "Blueberry".
Our son in law ordered: Eggs over easy and country ham, biscuits and a bowl of gravy.
One of the girls ordered chicken and fries off the kids menu.
Our daughter and Dancer Girl also ordered but they got what they ordered.
It took a long time for our order to come but being Sunday morning I thought, "Their busy, fine."

Please pause here and go fold some laundry, wash some dishes between each sentence below so we can understand how long this took.

But when the order came our son in law was very hungry and pleased to get something he just started eating. A few minutes later the fries and chicken arrived. The chicken was cooked over a grill and my daughter asked the waitress to take them back we assumed Little Sister chicken would be deep fried. Our fault. My hot cakes arrived and I noticed that they sent Blueberry pancakes instead of what I ordered just pancakes. They took them back. Sorry. Motherkitty and daughter are still waiting Our son in law is about done with his bacon and eggs. Bacon and eggs? Did he order Ham and eggs? The waitress comes over with our daughters food, my hot cakes and the deep fried chicken. Son in law asks the waitress to look on the ticket, Did I order, "Ham?" She says, "Yes".
A few minutes later the manager arrives and asks for the second time," Is everything alright?"
Motherkitty says that she has not got her breakfast. He comes back a few minutes later with with son in laws ham and Motherkitty's Bacon, lettuce and tomato salad. Motherkitty is furious. What the !@#
Where is her Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich.
Son in law and I are done eating when someone says to me, "Did you order sausage?", Motherlitty is still waiting as I realize "yes" I did order sausage. I look up and there, my waitress has just come over with my sausage and Motherkitty's bacon sandwich with a side of Mayo.
Motherkitty looks down in disgust and polity ask, "Miss where is the lettuce and tomato?"


The Sun Day just got bad.

Motherkitty's day was ruined and she is still very, very angry at me and the world.

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