We are always in the crosshairs of our emotions.
One side says to be thankful for just being wherever you are, enjoy the world as we see it.
View the world without thought, being, existing at the moment at hand.
Walking with the world as it is.
Being one with this space and time.

 And the other viewpoint steps on the gum and cries fowl, how thoughtless man can be!!
They think about the terrible deeds that man has dumped upon the world.
Saying out loud that we are destroying the Earth and ask the world to not look the other way.
We are saying to the world in letters of intent to do a better job of protecting it’s citizens from harm.

My body moves from one of these emotions to the other.
In the mornings I watch the day evolve and thank the world of thought for thinking.
I label the unknown in colorful dress and beards.
I search the texts that surround me for an explanation.
We all find our own way.
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Words & Graphics by Tomas