A Far and Distant Dream

Serious complications, my love for Sylvia was never in doubt.
I have always had it in my mind that she was forever part of my life and
that at some time we could be reunited, just as I had never left.
These were the feelings I had for thirty years; there was never any doubt about it until now.
When I renewed my conversations with Sylvia, Laurel looked at it as a mild and distant threat.
And I also believe that Sylvia thought of it in a similar way,
more complications to an already complicated life.
 There is a line of sight from our eyes to this screen and back to our eyes?
There are eyes that touch these words, eyes that look across the space to see.
That is a remarkable thought. Is it explainable?
You can look across at another being and you see them and
they look across at you and maybe they wonder what you see.
I can examine my hand just as that cat can examine her fur.
I wish that my mind and body would last as long as these thoughts?
Well, whatever, my love has lasted a long time.
The more we want something the more we try to have it.
Soon we become impatient, mildly annoyed at the slow progress of our project.
Soon our lives will pass and peace on earth and justice for all just becomes a distant dream.
We want it now and then the chant.
And then we want to fight for our dream and our dream becomes something else and
soon we choose sides and pick up verbal sticks.
Some projects have evolved as such, wars that we are willing to die for.
And the holy days pass while we are at meetings and peace is a distant dream.
I see peace is in the heart of a nursing mother and
that should be our distant dream.
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Natasha Mercedes Purcell

 .Words & Graphics by Tomas