Do I have to work?

An old black crow is sitting a top a tree.
She is black against a gray background.
Her feathers are ruffled as she grooms.
She looks about as the wind blows.
She wipes her beak on her feathers and
then wipes her beak on the limbs of the tree.

 Everyday our lives supply the pressure of just existing.
Do I have to wash those dishes in the stream, in the sink, in the dishwasher?
Do I have to bathe in the washbasin, in the stream, in the tube, in the shower?
Do I have to gather the wood, pump the water, and milk the cow?
Do I have to go to work?
The answer is always yes.
If the answer were no then we would just sit and wait for the services to be provided.
If we had the money then those services would be provided.
Now I can go back to my teens (1955) in my mind and understand what was going on in this mind of mind. I had no clue to why these services were provided or why. No one human being bothered to explain my reason for being on this planet and why I should wash those dishes or mow that lawn that my mother and father wanted me to do. Was it the halo of electrons, the nuclear vision pressed into this mind of mine and into the clouds overhead that moved my senses and thoughts into a maze of confusion? Why should I exist? They understood and I did not. Was the world telling me the truth or was the world telling me lies? Why should I gather the wood?
Have I changed, yes, but the lies and the half-truths are still baked into those white gas pumps. Credit or cash?
I do not litter and I pay cash. I have a debit card and I want peace on earth.
Jesus and Buddha had the right idea and so do I.
"Once upon a time there was a great revolution and all the children came.
Joanie and Sylvia flowered me with motherly love and I am forever grateful."
Do I have to go to work?
Your body works fine.
The answer is always yes.
Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


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