It is early in the morning and I get to look out over this earth.
 I look at this planet rotating in the heavens, is this our heaven on earth?
Does our mind perceive another possibility? Most folks know that there is more, this couldn't be all there is?
It is early and I look out over this earth. I have the privilege, to wash and shave, to put on clean garments and go to work, to sit and look out over the earth, to stand erect and ask for peace. I can hate man or I can love man I have that choice. I can hate the flesh that abuses our bodies I have that choice.
It is early and I look out over the earth. I'd rather let them be. I'd rather love them as man on earth. I have the privilege to speak, to wander, and to wonder? I can contemplate the navel, or the battles. I can shine the apple or the shoe. I can look down or look up at the earth. I can write gospel or just words. I can travel across the highways and curse the traffic or I can move into the country and see the earth.
We have those choices. Our government has given us those choices. Our life has given us those choices.
There is no need to throw stones over a fence or into those bushes. You have that choice.
You can evolve into something that is aware of peace on earth.
Your mind struggles in this acknowledge of existence and that is a normal procedure.
The yin and yang, the push me pull me, the heaven and hell, the thought.
This earth can be my prayer.
It is early in the morning and I get to look out over this earth.

Sixty miles away there is my daughter, her husband and our grandchild.
To walk that distance would make it impossible for us to see them.
But technology has provided us with vehicles that roll on paths of earth.
A thousand mile away in the water, under the water there is our son.
Technology has not provided us a way to see him.
I can fly over him and I can sail over him but I cannot knock on his door in this vast ocean.
It is early in the morning and I get to look out over this earth.

August 11, 2001
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