Echo the Thought

Everyday seems to be the same.
Yet in some way they are different.
I assume that as each day progressive I become smarter.
But in reality I just become older.
Sometimes I want the day to pass by quickly so I can get over what is annoying my body and my mind.
Then I realize that each given moment will be lost if I wish them away.
All these thoughts pass though this mind. All these thoughts are thoughts that the world already knows about.
There is nothing new here but the moment. This moment.
So I am happy with what ails me even if I am becoming sediment on our sandy shores.
Some of us are at our highest moment in thought, pain, amusement, happiness and awareness.
Our new appliances sometimes wear out and we are left with dealing with what we have.
Mostly we find some other source to deal with our matters of great concern.
Here is wishing you the best of times at this moment in your life.
I have reread these words that I have written from the last few days and they make no sense to me at all.
I'll let them be, maybe someone can rearrange them like a puzzle and make better sense to these messages
and make our lives better because of it.

July 15, 2001 bongaJuly 17, 2001
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Natasha Mercedes Purcell

 .Words & Graphics by Tomas