Wind.Color.Movement.Oh! Being.
See the human.
See the sun.
See the planet.
The wind blows the trees, branches bend to their minor limits.
Colors are reflected in our daylight.
Life moves, a soft gray mouse scurries under a leaf pile. People move silver plated carts in parking lots.
Oh itís so splendid to see the planet and its creatures move about, being a part of this planet in motion.
Again and again I speak of being. What is the big deal? We all wake up each morning. Different moods greet us, planning our day.
Organized folks move to their assigned places. Scatterbrains rub the sand into their eyes and step on their shoes and moan.
Some folks place pencils and words in place. Others rub their bellies and try to open their eyes. Some top their tanks while others wonder why their vehicle has stalled.
Some folks circle the wagons to maintain the peace or fight for the dignity of self-esteem.
Others spit tobacco into the wind. Some folks paint yellow lines to maintain order while others wonder why?
No matter, I have given my love to the women I have embraced.
A morning view, for this thinker, there is a pleasant day. I wish I could paint the mood and maybe live as long as I wished to write.
For as long as I write I wish that I could affect/infect the world with good feelings and good understanding for their day.
I wish that your garden was as fruitful as you wish.
Tall tan grasses are swaying in the afternoon breeze.
The suns heat has removed the moisture from the top of the grasses.
They stand, golden, swaying, offering their seeds to the sun.
They will fall to the earth and begin another cycle.
The farmers here have cut hay this month.
I see one hundred round bales of hay scattered across a new green field.
Gee! Those are pretty flowers! Our friends utter some Latin Varity name.
Bonga, bonga, bonga.
The flowers are light blue and rise toward the sun.
Iíll mention their names when I know, if Iíll ever know?
Our world is named and cataloged. Some of us know every name.
Some like my self know only the greens and the colors,
the basics, simple.
How do you tell the world to behave? You canít.
Our day revolves around the sun. We try to maintain some sort of decent form of lifestyle.
We have heard the words to the songs and we try to behave as well as we possible can.
I could have said as humanly possible, but that involves too much carnage.
I have lived through the forties, fifties, and blossomed in the sixties.
The first rays of light did not pass through my being in the sixties.
I became aware of the beams of light that passed through our system of life in the sixties.
The world has changed because I changed during the peaceful revolts of the sixties.
I will always understand the way we can be on this planet.
There is no excuse for not being the other wise man or woman.
Life cycles, the earth cycles.
Some want the dust, others do not, I stand, I sleep, I read, I speak.
How could I possibly understand?

Walking Together
Being Green

Words & Graphics by Tomas